Tips to Drive UBER Eats in Atlanta during Quarantine: Top Hotspots

When driving just UBER EATS only with a vehicle:


  • Age 19 or older
  • 2 door or 4 door working vehicle that is 20 years or newer
  • Valid drivers license, vehicle insurance, and registration 

UBER eats in Atlanta can be very profitable. Even though UBER eats seems to be a little more work then passengers. Meaning, You have to get in and out the car to pick up and deliver food. So time can play doing UBER eats.

UBER eats drivers in Atlanta will make $14 to $20 a hour. 

During quarantine doing UBER eats in Atlanta I made easy money. I learned the in and outs of the UBER eats game. I had to learn the areas. And a few other things to be successful.

If you want to know where I drove in Atlanta. This is my step by step way I did UBER eats in Atlanta during quarantine.

UBER eats in Atlanta during Quarantine

UBER eats during quarantine right now. The customers are tipping. The tips almost match the earnings. The people that order UBER eats are looking out for the drivers during quarantine. So, the drivers are making a little bit more than usually.

Even though when you get your UBER eats order the time may look intimidating. Sometime the time will say 30 minutes or more. That time is a estimate. It includes the cooking and traffic. So when you see a outrageous time and low pay. Don’t worry. The pay do not include tips. 

I be honest I only do afternoons on UBER eats. I have watched the heat maps during day. I know for sure afternoons is busy. 

The busiest time of day to drive UBER eats:

Full-Time UBER eats drivers can pick there time.

Part-Time UBER eats drivers have to drive when they can.

The busiest time to drive for UBER eats in Atlanta:

Monday – Thursday

  • 11  A.M – 12 P.M

Friday – Saturday

  •  11 A.M – 3 A.M


  • All day

Where to drive UBER in Atlanta?

The hottest spots for UBER eats in Atlanta are these three areas right here:

  • Buckhead
  • Midtown
  • Downtown

Those will be the main three hottest spots in Atlanta. But if you are looking for some specific key points. Here are some more.

UBER eats hot spots in Atlanta:

  • Brookhaven
  • Midtown
  • Westside
  • Emory
  • The Battery
  • Buckhead
  • Forrest Park
  • Decatur Square
  • Perimeter

Where should you start to drive for UBER eats?

You should always start at your home. All roads lead to the city. Sooner or later that is where you will end up. Before you turn you UBER app on. Get ready to go. Have keys and essentials prepared. So when your app goes off just run out the door.

Even If you are OTP outside of the perimeter you should start from home. 

Here are some UBER Eats Tips

UBER eats will be going strong in Atlanta for awhile, with all this craziness in the world. People are still working from home. Some people are just scared to come out since the COVID Virus. Now that unemployment checks are coming in. Its really looking good out there on UBER eats in Atlanta. Almost so good that you don’t have to do passengers. 

For now UBER eats is better than passengers just because you get tips. And you do not have to deal with passengers that can possibly spread the virus.

$200 for 6 days straight doing UBER eats journey

On this UBER eats journey I took in Atlanta. Was very profitable and experimental. I just had to know if it was possible. The last day was the easiest. But, Thursday was pretty hard. I got a bit tired. I had to stick it out. The motivation. In the video I showed day by day doing UBER eats in Atlanta. Have a look. Then take a crack at it.

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