“I have been doing Door Dash on a bike for almost a year”

Doing door dash on a bike:

Top 3 Reasons to deliver food with a bike:

1. Bikes has low maintenance cost

There is little to no cost at all. Mostly perks delivering food with bike. If you have to maintenance you bike for any reason. It will be at a low cost. Bought my bike for food deliveries. My bike rarely needed maintenance. I just upgraded. I upgraded from a regular bike. To a e-bike. And the rest of the maintenance was to make my bike comfortable for deliveries. Like a bike seat or bike rack on the back.

2. Short deliveries

There will be really short rides. Most deliveries will be blocks away. I know people from New York that do deliveries walking. If I get a long delivery. Which I have. I do not accept them at all. I just decline them. Many deliveries will be repeats of same store and same apartments. Depending on what city you live in.

Doing door dash on a bike video

3. Earn and Exercise

I always say I do not age. This is one of the reasons that keeps me fit. I have never seen a professional cyclist that was over weight. Doing door dash on a bike can keep you physically fit. Being healthy is a major part of life. As I kept on through out the weeks. It has become easier. I lost weight and became stronger. The best part about all of that. I am earning money.

How much I make on bike doing door dash

The most I have made in a day was over a $100. I tried to take it to $200. It got to late. That was my first time doing it on a bike. I am experienced at doing food deliveries on a bike now. I can average $20 to $25 a hour. Depending on day and time. I know for sure, On a Sunday or Saturday evening I can average that a hour. The average bike food delivery person makes between $15 to $25 a hour. It will always depend on the person, time and day. Check out how much I made doing Door Dash on a bike in on my Youtube channel.

My first food delivery electric bike

My first food delivery electric bike

I started looking for my first food delivery bike. I was looking for price. Wanted a mountain bike. That I can pedal and go on side walks. Some electric bikes the same price as cars. I checked out Walmart and Amazon. The price vary on the power of the bike. Just wanted the cheapest. I made sure it was not a child e-bike. I ended up getting a e-bike that has pedal assist. Pedal assist e-bike assists the rider with pedaling. There is no button or grip to make e-bike go. This bike cost me $600. I hope the price of E-bikes will go down. This is the first e-bike I have purchased from Walmart. There are more better e-bike on Amazon now.

Is it worth doing door dash delivery on a bike

Yes! There are many reason why. I can go over a few reasons. One of my favorite reasons is to be outside. I do food deliveries in a car sometimes. Actually I have notice I meet and vibe with more people on bike. There are other food delivery bike delivery men and women out there. I always end up running pass them up and down there street. Giving a wave. Or even taking a lunch break around the same time. And having lunch with them. I met plenty of new friends. Exercise should be a top reason for people. There is nothing like staying slim and healthy. Taking your time and eating outside or Indoors.

Best 5 food delivery bike tips

1. Never accept far distance orders

The system will send you far places some time. You should not have to ride far away to get your order. Or ride far a way to drop it off.

2. How many Items

Look and see how many Items there is. Most food delivery apps will let see how many Items there are.

3. Stay in your area

Doing food deliveries on a bike you do not want to leave your area. You may have to ride your bike all the way back to where It Is busy at or where you just come from. Delivering in the city. You want to stay in the city.

4. Be comfortable

Using a bike for food delivery. You must be comfortable. A good seat. A crate on back. Back pack. Use which ever one makes you comfortable. I use a food delivery back pack.

5. Take breaks

Do not over work. Experience the out doors. Introduce yourself to fellow bike rider\’s.

Cities that have door dash for bikes

They are other cities just check with Door Dash

  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Jersey City
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • San Francisco

What to look for buying a electric bike for food delivery

Start with your budget. I bought my first electric bike around $600. Budgeting will be the important part. If you have to just get cheap one now. Remember the maintenance is very low.

What city you in? I do food delivery on bike in Atlanta. I have been In New York. They have a whole bike lane just for them. Atlanta rarely have a bike lanes. Most of the time I will have to jump on street to side walk. In New York electric bikes are only parked on the side walk. Look for a bike that suites your city.

Cheap electric bikes

Bike battery life. How long you will be doing food deliveries for? Some people do it part time. I do it full time. I will need a long battery life. Maybe even two batteries. Some cities have hills. Power of the electric bike can play a role on that factor.

Electric bikes are heavy. There are small bikes and big bikes. Get what suites you. I have carry my electric bike up and downstairs. Realizing how heavy it is.